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We are the fastest-growing international distributor of electronic cigarettes in Europe.

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AIIR  is a new disposable vape, redesigned to have a better experience in the hand and on the go. AIIR delivers up to 600 puffs with different level of nicotine salt, such as zero, 2%, 3% and 5%, with 2ml of liquid.


Crystal Original by SKE is the newest and one of the most innovative disposable vapes that feature a range of 36 different flavours. With over 600 puffs, the stunning vape has become the new go to device


With the satisfying taste, massive clouds, ease-of-use, safe-shell material, and smooth yet potent salt nicotine, GEEK BAR offers you more power and options to maximize your vaping experience.


As a cutting-edge innovator in disposable vape devices, Puffmi is aimed to offer the best vaping experience with the vision to provide a smooth and reliable vaping experience in the simplest way.



More exciting news on the global front! Evapify has expanded its reach to Sweden, marking a significant step in our international growth strategy.

Greetings from North Macedonia! In a strategic maneuver set to make waves, Evapify has unveiled its entry into the NMK market.

New flavor, new aroma, new Air. Everything you’ve been looking for in one simple vape. Make a wise and stylish choice by switching to a disposable vape.

Clouds that bring in waves of freshness and flavor.



Evapify is a new and innovative company that brings the best vapes with the most exciting and unconventional flavors. We are a team of international experts that have built modern brands trusted by millions of customers across three continents. From sourcing and manufacturing to marketing and distribution, our commitment to quality stands high.

Our Supply Chain

We work with the world’s leading vape manufacturers to bring the best products to the international market.

Digital Capabilities

Our deep data insights and industry-leading digital capabilities have placed us at the top of the market.


We are a proud B2B and B2C distributor dedicated to serving a wide range of customers. 

Inovative Products

We deliver the promise of cutting edge technology, good aroma, modern design, and exciting flavors.

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Prishtine 10 000, Kosovo

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0179, Chavchavadze
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Terminal, Georgia

75a/7 street Zlota,
00-819 Warsaw,

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